Community Advocacy

Community Advocacy

Being diagnosed with a mental illness, or experiencing mental health distress, can sometimes mean that your views and wishes are not taken seriously. This can mean that you are not offered the opportunities and choices you would like.

If you feel you already experience discrimination, may be because of your age or other issues, having a mental health problem can become another barrier to getting your voice heard on issues that matter to you.

Community mental health advocacy could help you to become more involved in the decisions that are made about your life.

We provide community mental health advocacy to children, adults, and older adults. You could be in hospital or living in the community.

Not sure what advocacy is, or how an advocate can help you?

Our services are independent from health or social services and what you tell us will remain confidential (unless of a life-threatening nature). We want you to be in control of the advocacy process, so we don’t make decisions for you. We only take actions for which you have given your consent.

Generally, community advocacy is for young people or adults who being seen by CAMHS or Adult / Older Adult Mental Health Services and they have an issue they are struggling with and feel they would like some help to deal with it.

My Voice community advocacy services are free and confidential; our advocates are independent and

How can an independent advocate help me?

Our advocates can help you understand your rights and choices and help you get your voice heard.

We can support you if:

  • You need help to speak up for yourself or give your views
  • You have problems getting people to listen to you
  • You feel vulnerable or think you are at risk of abuse
  • You feel you are being discriminated against
  • You need help to access services that can support you with your mental health, or independence

An advocate can help you with writing letters, making phone calls, arranging and going to meetings.

Who can use Community Mental Health Advocacy?

Community advocacy is for young people or adults who being seen by CAMHS or Adult / Older Adult Mental Health Services who may be:

  • Experiencing significant mental health illness or disorder,
  • Recently discharged from the psychiatric wards,
  • On Leave of Absence (Article 24 of the Mental Health (Jersey) Law 2016
  • Struggling with dementia or other conditions which make people question their Capacity.

Is this the right advocacy service for you?

Are you an adult or young person who is currently being seen by:

• Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS);
• Adult Mental Health Services; or
• Older Adult Mental Health Services.


Are you:

• Experiencing significant mental illness or disorder;
• Detained in hospital or recently discharged from the psychiatric wards; or
• On leave of absence under Article 24 of the Mental Health (Jersey) Law 2016.

If yes, a referral should be made as you may be eligible for support.

Please download our IMHA Community Referral Form here

If you are not sure if the questions above apply, please check our other services.