My Voice will continue to support you with an Independent Advocacy Service during this Coronavirus outbreak

25th March 2020

Our Aim

We will do our best to make sure that whilst you are in hospital you will still receive information about your rights, you get our help to access those rights, and we will make sure your wishes and concerns are listened to.

We will continue to work both detained and voluntary patients on wards, in the community, in the General Hospital, Residential and Care Homes, but it may not be possible to meet you face to face.

How to make a Referral

If you wish to speak with one of the advocates, please contact Patricia Winchester Chief Executive Officer on or text or call 07797 716 447

You can contact us yourself or ask a nurse or other professional to do so.

As wards are now closed to non-essential visitors, we will be in regular contact with managers and patients by phone. Face to face referrals will be temporarily suspended.


All staff are able to work from home. All information is encrypted. We keep all information strictly confidential.

What if I want to appeal?

Advocates will have copies of appeal forms readily available. We will contact you by phone, by FaceTime or by What’s app video. We will help you to complete an appeal to the Tribunal. If you agree, we can sign the form on your behalf.

We will then send the formal documents immediately to the Tribunal Service.

How to stay up to date

Our website will be updated regularly to keep our service users, service providers and allied professionals, informed.

External links

My Voice will seek to co-ordinate with other charities or organisations and help our community as best we can.