Mental Health Advocacy

Mental Health Advocacy

Under the law this service is provided for all patients, whether in the community or on psychiatric wards, being assessed or treated by specialist mental health services.

This includes:

  • Anyone under assessment or treatment for a psychiatric illness
  • Patients detained or “sectioned” in hospital
  • Anyone being treated under the Mental Health Law
  • Anyone who has their freedom restricted under the Mental Health law
  • Elderly patients being assessed or treated by the Mental Health Teams.

Do you have difficulty:

  • Understanding the process and laws which apply to your treatment under the mental health law?
  • Having your views and wishes heard in meetings with clinicians?
  • Expressing yourself and getting the support you need?

We can help you:

  • Prepare for and accompany you to consultations with psychiatrists
  • Appeal to and accompany you to the Mental Health Review Tribunal
  • Help you access specialist free legal advice
  • Decide which services you need and support you in accessing these
  • Make complaints and compliments
  • Challenge any discrimination you may be experiencing

What to expect: Your advocate is qualified and specialised in this area and works independently of any other service. Your mental health advocate:

  • Is Independent and confidential
  • Listens and supports you in making informed decisions
  • Helps you understand your rights and take action to secure your rights
  • Helps you get the information you need
  • Ensures your views and wishes are heard
  • Helps you give appropriate information to others
  • Represents your interests
  • Works in partnership with you


We act on your instruction and with your informed consent.

Information processed by us

All information will be stored and used in line with the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018 and GDPR. If you would like a copy of our data Protection policy, please contact My voice. We also have a Confidentiality Policy and work in line with the standards set out in the Advocacy Charter.

Is this the right advocacy service for you?

Are you struggling with serious mental illness?


Have you been assessed and diagnosed by the Adult Mental Health Team based at La Chasse?


Are you in any way subject to the Mental Health law?

  • Article 21 – Assessment Order
  • Article 22 – Treatment Order
  • Article 24 – Leave of absence in the community
  • Article 30 – Guardianship
  • Article 62, 63, 64 – Patients concerned with criminal proceedings

Are you an in-patient at Orchard House, Cedar Ward, Beech Ward or Maple Ward?

If yes, a referral should be made as you may be eligible for support.

Please download our Mental Health Referral form here

If you are not sure if the questions above apply, please check our other services.