Young People Advocacy

Young People Advocacy

Providing in-patient & community mental health advocacy for the young people of Jersey

Are you;

  • Being seen by CAMHS?
  • On Robin Ward for mental health issues?
  • In Orchard House for assessment or treatment?
  • Is your freedom being restricted under the Mental Health law?

Do you feel that;

  • No-one is listening to you?
  • You need someone to see your side of things?
  • You don’t always understand what is being said to you or what your options are?
  • It’s difficult to express yourself and get the support you need?
  • You need help in accessing and understanding information?
  • Are you worried, frightened or upset?

Our advocate is;

  • Confidential & Independent
  • Listens and supports you in making informed decisions
  • Helps you understand your rights
  • Ensures your views and wishes are heard
  • Stands by your side to help your voice to be heard

We can help you to;

  • Understand what is happening
  • Get adults to listen to you
  • Understand your rights
  • Access information
  • Work out what your options & choices are
  • Feel empowered & involved
  • Feel supported by someone who is independent of services
  • Make a complaint
  • Feel supported at meetings

The service is free, independent and confidential. Our role is to help you, not to make decisions for you.

Here is a link to a site with young people’s mental health information –

Is this the right advocacy service for you?

Are you being seen by CAMHS?


Are you being treated in Robin Ward for mental health issues?


Are you in Orchard House?

If yes, a referral should be made as you may be eligible for support.

If you are not sure if the questions above apply, please check our other services.

Make a referral for advocacy support

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