At My Voice we support clients to live as independently as possible, to regain their social confidence and restore their self-esteem. With this in mind, we aim to establish a “Social Fund” which will underpin our efforts to empower people during their recovery.

The money donated will be audited by our accountants to ensure that use of the fund is effective and transparent.

Our clients have identified the following examples of what the fund could be used for:

  • Pre-paid bus pass (to encourage social integration)
  • Pre-paid electricity credit (in periods of crisis when other costs have escalated)
  • Phone credits (to ensure we can stay in touch)
  • Boots vouchers (photos, glasses, hygiene)
  • Laundry vouchers (lack of facilities at home)
  • A one-off Cleaning service (help a client who has been too unwell to manage the home environment to restore hygiene)
  • Pet care (for when the owner is receiving treatment in hospital)
  • Pay for Caring Cooks cookery sessions (@£90 per person to help clients develop skills to cook and budget for healthy food)

For young people:

  • Phone credits
  • Transport credits
  • Pre-paid coffee and food gift cards
  • Cinema tickets
  • Boots (personal care)

Other larger Items we would welcome fundraising for:

  • Banners to use at presentations and other promotional events,
  • An 0800-telephone number so that clients can call My Voice for free,
  • Costs of setting up stalls at wellness and information sharing events,
  • Additional national training for our advocates on the latest legal updates,
  • Money to pay for independent Human Rights Legal advice to ensure My Voice can effectively and regularly challenge service providers, who themselves have automatic access to legal services.