Launch of New Care Advocacy Service

19th April 2021

The States recognise that in line with UK Care Advocacy provisions there is a requirement for a reliable, professional service that can deliver high quality, independent Care advocacy to individuals with very complex needs and in receipt of a significant package of care, but fall outside the existing provision of independent mental health advocacy.

Whilst the UK Care Act is not currently replicated in Jersey, there is a wish to embrace the fundamental principle that “everyone in care is a human being with wants and needs”.

My Voice is an on-Island advocacy service which is independent, easily accessible, with the ability to demonstrate excellent partnership working and co-operation across government & non-government organisations and we feel privileged to be able to establish an additional Care Advocacy service to compliment our current provision.

My Voice will support clients to participate as fully as possible in decision making about care needs processes. We will ensure that clients are:

  • Provided with accurate information
  • Helped to express their wishes and feelings
  • Supported to consider & weigh the options

For more information, My Voice can be contacted via“ – <mailto=”